} Red Aztec Spinach/Huauzontle -(C. berlandieri) Grown for Grains,Micro-

Red Aztec Spinach/Huauzontle -(C. berlandieri) Grown for Grains,Micro-green,Leaf

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Red Aztec Spinach

Chenopodium berlandieri
This goosefoot species (say ‚Äúwah-zont-lay‚ÄĚ) is found in archeological association with Old Peoples of the New World all the way from the Aztecs of tropical Central America, north and east into the southern Appalachian cave-sheltering tribes. The agricultural sophistication of attending cultures has been inferred from the degree of seed coat thinning (a result of domestication) in seed from midden sites verses wild seeds of the same era. Aztecs prepared high protein dishes using the immature bright red seed heads and leaves. The plant looks intermediate between a lambs quarter and a quinoa in all respects, including seeds size and seed coat thickness. Suggested for salad use like its relatives, with a nice sweet and salty taste. Seeds germinate readily in 3 days, like quinoa‚ÄĒmore reliable than lambs quarter.
ORGANIC Red Aztec Spinach 

If you've tried amaranth, lambs quarter, or goosefoot as salad or micro-greens, you should try this. The germination is terrific. Young seedlings begin bright red, then 

look like lambs quarter with reddish undersides and a crisper leaf. Gives the salad mix a wilder look and taste. Leaves and seed heads become bright red with maturity.

Certified Organic Seed!

Red Aztec Spinach/Huauzontle - (Chenopodium berlandieri) Organic !

Family:  Chenopodiaceae
Native to Mexico, this Lamb's Quarters variant is distinguished by the tasty edibility of its leaves that blush red.  Flowering to 5 feet, we suggest keeping the plants cut back (into the salad bowl). Losing the battle against flowering, one can always resort to the Mexican practice of deep-frying the flower buds.  However this may not be such a healthy a way to ingest the plant. As demonstrated by the popularity of "corn dogs" at the Iowa State Fair, almost anything can be rendered deliciously edible by the application of an egg batter and the near proximity of a copious cauldron of boiling oil.  Plant prefers full sun to part shade and regular garden soils. Sow in spring.  Sow in a shallow finger furrow, barely cover seed and keep evenly moist until germination, which occurs in 1 to 2 weeks.Certified Organically Grown.

Growing Red Aztec Spinach aka Huauzontle Seeds 

Red Aztec Spinach/Huauzontle is a hardy seeder. Red Aztec Spinach sprouts can be transplanted into the garden or direct seeded. Red Aztec Spinach is drought tolerant and tolerates a wide range of growing conditions. Buy organic Red Aztec Spinach seeds here.

Red Aztec Spinach aka Huauzontle Seed Details

  • Annual
  • sun: Full
  • Water: Infrequent
  • Soil: Sandy
  • Height: 3ft +
  • Width: 2ft

Red Aztec Spinach Seeds Permaculture Tip

Red Aztec Spinach can be harvestd as a micro-green, leaf by leaf, or grown for grains. The Red Aztec Spinach grain is very nutritious and has been quality compared to that of Quinoa.

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