} Ornamental rhubarb (10 Seeds) Rheum alexandrae -

Ornamental rhubarb (10 Seeds) Rheum alexandrae -

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ornamental perennials spawn large brawny leafage and tall intriguing floral spires. Rheum can be utilized as a specimen in the mixed border, the landscape or skirting the water’s edge. They require deep, rich soil and appreciate mulching in the summer to keep their roots cool, as they detest extreme heat.

 Use: as a decorative foliage for single and group plantings, mixborders back plans.

Hardiness: -10 degrees F
Native to Yunnan Province of Western China and also found in Tibet, this is a high altitude medicinal rhubarb that is an alternative source of Da-huang. Leaves lime green, stems red. The plant is tolerant of clay soils and prefers a full sun position with moist, fertile, poorly drained soil. Sow in spring. Prick seedlings into gallon pots and grow for a year, then transplant to garden or landscape. 
Alexandra Rhubarb - Rheum alexandrae. 
Location: can grow in the sun or in partial shade. 
Soil: all the rhubarb 
hardy plants, but require fertile, deep soils treated with lime. 
Planting holes should be large, well tucked. 
Planting should be done in autumn or early spring. 
Reproduction: usually seeds and division of rhizomes. 
Sowing seeds in the open ground. 
When spring sowing requires cold stratification for 1-2 months. 
Seedlings dive into a ridge. Two years later, the young plants are planted in a permanent place, keeping the distance between plants up to 100 cm. They bloom in the third year. 
Overwinter without shelter. The division is carried out rhizomes in the fall, even digging out a bush. Place the cut must be pounded charcoal powder. 
Habitat: Semi-Shade Height: 80 cm. Sowing Time: January-February outdoors. Year: Perennial. Large sulfur yellow leaves that hide the plant small flowers. 
Plant Description
Life Cycle: Perennial
Family: Polygonaceae
Special Features: Magnificent yellow bracts, a rarity for moist and cool locations.
Basic Colour: (yellow / gold)
Natural Flowering Period: May - July 
Winter Hardiness Zones: Z4 - Z7
Foliage: glossy, green
Height with Flowers: 80 cm
Soil Requirements: moist
Characteristics: ornamental foliage plant
Usage: for the rock garden

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