} Euphorbia polychroma 'Bonfire Seed - succulent

Euphorbia polychroma 'Bonfire Seed - succulent

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Red stems with purple-red foliage. Attractive ground cover, good drought tolerance if established. Attractive for butterflies and other pollinators. Deer and rabbit resistant. Suitable for natural landscaping. Use for low maintenance plantings. Erosion control. Self-sowing in suitable locations. Remarkable perennial for modern garden design.

 One of the best landscape plants for all-season color. 'Bonfire' is one of the most colorful spurges ever invented! The top growth is a fantastic combination of deep purple, red, and orange leaves with a touch of chartreuse, while the undergrowth is green. The foliage tends to deepen to burgundy red at the height of summer. Turns rich red in the fall.

Start Euphorbia seeds directly outside in a prepared seedbed once soil temperatures have warmed in the spring. Snow On The Mountain seeds should be lightly covered and kept moist until germination occurs. Cover seed lightly with vermiculite, sand or substrate after sowing

In late spring, crackling sulfur yellow bracts light up the whole plant for several weeks. But really, who needs flowers with foliage like this?!

It prefers average, well-drained soil. After flowering in spring, Cushion Spurge should be cut back to about 4". This will keep the plant more compact and prevent it from splitting in the center. Use caution and wear gloves when handling this plant; it is POISONOUS if eaten and the sap can be a skin and eye irritant.

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