} Imperial Green Spinach SeedS ,Asian Vegetable

Imperial Green Spinach SeedS ,Asian Vegetable

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Imperial Green Hybrid Spinach Seed Best Bolt Resistance of Any Asian Spinach
Best Bolt Resistance of Any Asian Spinach!
Superb downy mildew resistance!
Genus: Spinacia
Species: oleracea
Variety: Imperial Green Hybrid
Item Form: (P) Pkt of 250 seeds
Days to Maturity: 38
Fruit Color: Green
Habit: Upright Seeds Per Pack: 250 38 days from direct-sowing. An Asian Spinach with terrific resistance to downy mildew, heat, and bolting, Imperial Green is the one you want for those unseasonably warm spring and fall days -- as well as for frosty winter in warm climates! This quick-finishing, gourmet green is ready in no time and always tastes succulent and rich.   These arrow-shaped leaves are held upright and very dense on long-stemmed plants that refuse to flop or become empty-centered. Cut the entire plant at 25 days for baby greens or at 38 days for mature leaves, or pick individual leaves as you need them along the way. So versatile and easy -- you'll want to keep a few pots going on the kitchen windowsill as well as in the garden and on the patio! Dark green and packed with nutrition, Imperial Green is tender and full of flavor. Superior downy mildew resistance (to races 1-7, 9, 11, and 13) ensures that you will get a big, healthy plant every time, while the heat and bolt resistance keep the growth going even at season's end. And like all spinach, Imperial Green only improves with a touch of frost! Imperial Green is undoubtedly the most bolt-resistant Asian spinach ever developed, and its flavor is as improved as its garden performance. Rely on it for delicious salads, stir-fries, and more! Spinach makes an excellent spring or fall crop, and even goes through winter in warmer climates. It's a good container choice, and fares especially well in the crowded vegetable garden. You're going to love the fresh flavor and easy growth of Imperial Green! Pkt is 250 seeds.

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