} Louisiana Iris "Sinfonietta" STARTER PLANT

Louisiana Iris "Sinfonietta" STARTER PLANT

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The award-winningĀ IrisĀ x louisiana 'Sinfonietta' formsĀ a wide-spreading (7' in 5 years) patch of 4' tall, dark green foliage, topped in early May (NC) with 6" wide, stunning navy blue flowers, each highlighted with yellow throatsĀ (nothing a little Zicam won't cure).

The Louisiana iris 'Sinfonietta' bearsĀ breathtaking gentian-blue flowers inĀ early and mid-spring. Its broad blooms have three inner segments

Prefers a rich, acidic soil with plenty of moisture. If summers are dry, provide supplemental water to encourage blooming or move to a wet site. Never let it dry out. Plant in full sun to partial afternoon shade (in hot climates and desert southwest).