} Begonia ROSE FORM Red ( 3 Bulbs) Fragrant BLOOM

Begonia ROSE FORM Red ( 3 Bulbs) Fragrant BLOOM

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Begonia RED

Detailed Description


Amerihybrid Tuberous Begonia Tubers Red - Red Giant Ruffled Begonia Tubers. This ruffled red begonia is the first choice for gardeners who appreciate the details. Take a closer look - the flowers have fine ruffles on the petals and nicely pinked edges. The tapered leaves show ghosted veining, similar to that found on specialty begonias grown solely for their foliage. And the plant exhibits a healthy, rounded form that fills out a pot or garden border very nicely. Perfect to the last detail. Oh, did we mention that you can count on blooms all summer and into fall?
Common Name: Tuberous begonia, giant red
Botanical Name: Begonia Giant Ruffled Red
Exposure: Light to partial shade, more shade in hottest regions
Hardiness: Zones 8-11, elsewhere lift tubers in autumn and store indoors
Height: 12-18"
Color: Big 4-6" red blooms
Bloom Season: Mid summer through entire season. Long, heavy bloomers.
Bulb/Plant Size: 2 to 2-1/2" bulbs
Number: 3 large begonia tubers


Quality Matters! Click to find out more SIZE/GRADE 5/6 cm BLOOM TIME Summer thru Fall HARDINESS 8-11

14" tall 12" apart 1" deep

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