} BLACK Chickpeas,(100 Seeds) Aka Kala Chana,Garbanzo beans & Gram, - Or

BLACK Chickpeas,(100 Seeds) Aka Kala Chana,Garbanzo beans & Gram, - Organic.

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Black Chickpeas, also called KALA CHANA, Chickpea (English), Garbanzo (Spanish), Bengal Gram (Indian), Hummus (Hebrew), Hamaz (Arabic), Cicer Arietinum (Latin, Botanical)(100 Heirloom Seeds) Organic, Non-GMO. BLACK Chick-peas, or garbanzos, have been grown in Mediterranean countries since as early as 8000 B.C. Cicer arietinum was a staple of their diet and still plays an important part in the regional cooking of southern Europe. Chick-peas, widely grown in India and Burma, are India's most important legume.The chick-pea is a delicate, graceful plant which branches near the ground and is usually about two feet high. One or two seeds are borne in numerous round swollen pods about four months from the time of sowing.

The chick-pea is one of the more nutritious members of the bean family - rich in protein, 

calcium, iron and B vitamins.

Young leaves, shoots and pods are cooked. Young leaves, seeds, or pods are potherbs (A Plant whose leaves, stems, or flowers are cooked and eaten or 

used as seasoning) Young green seeds Have a tasty lemon-like flavor, and are fermented into Miso and tempeh. Mature seeds are cooked in soups, stews, rice 

dishes, falafel, hummus, etc. Roasted seeds make a good snack. Roasted seeds or roots are a coffee substitute. Dried flour is used in batters, soups, stews, 

sauces, fritters, pizza, pancakes, noodles, and dumplings.

Chickpeas are a popular addition to a vegetarian diet because they are very high in protein for a 

plant crop, and you will also get folic acid, manganese, iron and fiber.

 They are basically very nutritious and high in several minerals that are not that common in plant 

form. Middle Eastern cuisine uses a lot of chickpeas, in dishes like hummus and falafel.This 

versatile legume can be grown as a cover crop, as well as for its protein rich beans. Also makes a 

great hay plant. Fixes nitrogen, 60-80 lbs/acre. The chickpea or garbanzo bean is a cool-season 

annual that requires about 100 days to reach harvest. Sow chickpeas in the garden about the date 

of the average last frost in spring or slightly earlier. Chickpeas require a long growing season; to 

get a head start on the season.

sow chickpeas indoors in a peat or paper pot several weeks before transplanting out. Set the chickpea and biodegradable 

pot whole in the garden when the plant is 4 to 5 inches tall.Starts slowly in cold soil, so watch for weed competition. 


 Chickpeas will be ready for harvest about 100 days after planting. Chickpeas for fresh eating can be picked when pods are 

still immature and green; they can be eaten like snap beans. For dried chickpeas, harvest the entire plant when the leaves 

have withered and turned brown; place the plant on a flat, warm surface and allow the pods to dry. Collect the seed as the 

pods split. Seeds that will barely dent when bitten are sufficiently dry.

Storing and preserving.

 Unshelled chickpeas will keep in the refrigerator for up to one week. Dried, shelled chickpeas will keep in a cool, dry place 

for up to a year. Chickpeas can be frozen, canned, or sprouted.

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Organic food is just TOO expensive to buy at the store; you can grow your own and save lot of money!

Our seeds are GMO free ALL OF MY SEEDS ARE NON-HYBRID & NON-GMOWe have a wide variety of Heirloom Vegetable, Herb, and Flower Seeds for sale. We specialize in, Heirloom, Non GMO Seeds And Organic seeds .

We have a wide variety of Heirloom Vegetable, Herb, Fruit,and Flower Seeds for sale.

"Most hot pepper varieties require a constant temperature of 80 F to 85 F to germinate!"

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Additional Policies and FAQs

What is an heirloom or heritage seed?
The terms heirloom and heritage are synonymous. An heirloom plant is an open-pollinated, cultivated plant, or cultivar. Heirloom plants are not used in modern large-scale agricultural, but they were traditionally grown during earlier periods in human history. All heirloom seed are open-pollinated.
What is the difference between open-pollinated and hybrid seeds?
Open-pollinated plants are pollinated by birds, insects, wind, or other natural means. Under these conditions the plant will produce seeds naturally. When these seeds are harvested and re-planted they will reproduce the same plant as the parent. Conversely, a hybrid plant is the result of controlled pollination of inbred parent plants. The plant’s seeds are often sterile and, if they do germinate, they will not reliably produce the same plant as the parent or the yields.
What is the difference between GMO and non-GMO seeds?
A genetically modified organism (GMO) is an organism whose genetic substance has been changed using genetic engineering methods. Non-GMO seeds have not been genetically changed, and they are traditionally the same as they were originally created. Non-GMO seeds have all of the nutrition that animal and human bodies need for maximum growth and nutrition. Traditional seeds grow into plants that have been consumed for thousands of years. Non-GMO seeds offer you the peace of mind that the foods you grow and eat are as nature intended.


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