} Black Pearl ,PEPPER SEEDS Capsicum annuum-Ornamental

Black Pearl ,PEPPER SEEDS Capsicum annuum-Ornamental

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Black Pearl Ornamental Pepper Seeds -Winner of major seed awards in Europe and the U.S.!
The first-ever black-leafed Pepper! Ideal in a sunny pot but also tough enough and drought-hardy enough to do well in any sunny garden bed, including out front.
Winner of both the 2005 Fleuroselect Quality Mark and a 2006 All-America Selection Award, Black Pearl is the most exciting thing to happen to Ornamental Peppers in a long time! The leaves are pure black, the fruit matures from black to deep red, and the growth is vigorous and bushy -- perfect for containers as well as the garden! Show off all your silver-, blue-, and yellow-leafed plants with this ebony beauty!
In spring the leaves open with greenish streaks, but quickly turn a rich, glossy black as the weather warms. Very well-branched, this upright little plant makes a good showing alone in a container or as part of a mixed foliage or flower-and-foliage design. The black leaves just make every color brighter and bolder!
About 14 to 18 inches high and 12 to 16 inches wide, Black Pearl sets masses of 3/4-inch fruit that is rounded with a point at the base. The fruit emerges black, then ripens to a rich, deep red. Like all Peppers, it's edible, though VERY hot. You may choose to leave it on the plant, as I do, both for its beauty and to keep pests at bay.
Ornamental Peppers are really coming into their own these days! If you like the looks of Black Pearl, you'll want to try the unusual pale green-and-white-leafed Variegated variety, too. And Explosive Ember offers purple foliage with blooms of violet, white, and purple! A planting of all 3 is absolutely stunning.
For best results, start these seeds indoors about 2 to 3 weeks after your Tomato seeds, and plant them outdoors when all danger of frost is past and the night temperatures are in the 50's or above. Give Black Pearl plenty of sunshine, spacing the plants about 8 to 12 inches apart.

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