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Harvest these spicy radishes from 2-5” in diameter. Black Spanish Round radish has black skin and crisp white flesh with a nutty flavor. They can be eaten raw, pickled or cooked. Stores well in the ground or the refrigerator. 55-60 days.

  • 2,000 seeds/oz.; 10-12 lbs./acre.
  • 7 days, 60-70°F.
  • Plant from late summer through fall.
  • Harvest in about 50 days
  • Seeds are Non-GMO and hand packed in the United States
  • This elite strain is much more uniform and resistant to bolting than the ordinary Black Spanish variety
  • Suitable for sowing midspring
  • Germination rate about 80% or better

In Asia this vegetable is known as...

  • China:  lo bok, lao bo, lo pak, luo bu
  • India:  muli
  • Indonesia:  lobak
  • Japan:  hatsuka daikon, radisshu
  • Korea:  moo, mu
  • Malaysia:  lobak
  • Philippines:  alibanos, labanos, rabanos
  • Sri Lanka:  rabu
  • Thailand:  hoa chai tou, phakkaat hua
  • Vietnam:  cu cai
A winter variety popular in Europe since the 1500s. Crisp, pungent, spicy white flesh.
Black radishes have been grown and savored in Europe since the 1500s. With handsome black skins, the large 3-4" turnip-shaped globes have crisp, pungent, spicy pure-white flesh. A winter variety valued for its strong medicinal properties, ease of growth, and long storage.

Sowing: Since Black Spanish are winter radishes, they should be planted about two months before the first expected fall frost. Plant Black Spanish round radish seeds in very rich, deeply worked up soil about 1/2" deep and 1" apart; later, thin the seedlings 4-6" apart. Black Spanish radishes do not tolerate heat well.

Growing: Radishes do well with consistently moist soil and the addition of organic matter such as compost. Do not allow the soil to dry out, but also avoid overwatering as this can cause splitting.

Harvesting: Black Spanish radishes have the best taste when harvested at 3-4" in diameter. They have a strong, hot flavor and store well for winter use.

Seed Saving: Radishes will cross pollinate with all other varieties of radish, and must be isolated by at least half a mile from other varieties to protect genetic purity. Allow the radish plant to fully mature and send up a flowering stalk; the pods will form and turn from green to brown. Pick the brown pods and allow them to dry for several days. Thresh out the Black Spanish round radish seeds by opening the pods by hand, or by applying pressure to crush them. Store the seeds in a cool, dry place for up to five years.

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