} Bronze Beauty Lettuce Seeds

Bronze Beauty Lettuce Seeds

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Leaf Lettuce

This variety was first known as 'Bronze Beauty' lettuce when it was introduced by Germania Seed. In 1947 it won the bronze medal at the All America Selections and was then hailed as "the finest, mot colorful and most delicious leaf lettuce for the home garden."

It may be that the ancient Egyptians were the first to cultivate lettuce from a weed, valuable for its oil producing seeds, to a food crop grown for its leaves. The Greeks and Romans adopted the vegetable and it spread to Europe. By the 18th century many varieties of lettuce had been developed that still exist today.

This variety works for

  • Fresh eating

This lettuce can be used in salads or as an addition to sandwiches and burgers. Mix it with other varieties to create a salad mix of different textures, colors, and flavors.

Salads that have a lettuce base are often combined with grated cheese, fresh or dried fruit, nuts, and rich and crispy meats like bacon or pork belly.

Lettuce can be started indoors to get an earlier harvest. Plant seeds into soil trays or pots at 1/4 inch deep and 1 inch apart. Seeds should germinate in 7-14. You can plant your lettuce 6-8 inches apart in full sun or partial shade. Lettuce prefers to be grown in cool weather and will be mature in 40-50 days. To direct seed lettuce, either plant in rows or sow a thick bed for "cut-and-come-again" plantings. Sow a section every few weeks for a continuous supply.

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