} Carioca bean (feijão carioquinha), Brazil's most popular bean- 100 See

Carioca bean (feijão carioquinha), Brazil's most popular bean- 100 Seeds

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Carioca bean (feijão carioquinha)Brazil's most popular bean.Carioca beans (khaki stripes on a beige background) - similar to pinto beans-25 g/100 seeds)
Carioca beans: the beans on bean is beige and features brown stripesThis is one of the most consumed varieties throughout the country and is the basic ingredient of dishes like turned to São Paulo. Nearly all Brazilians eat beans daily, along with rice. Normally beans are cooked simply, often in a pressure cooker to reduce the time and energy required to put the beans on the table. In the poorest families, rice and beans may constitute the entire meal; those who are richer eat them alongside some form of animal protein, fruits or vegetables, and salad.

Vegetable Botanical Name: Phaseolus vulgaris

Other Common Names:

Vegetable Duration: Annual

Vegetable Days to Maturity: 90

Vegetable Seeds Per Oz: 100

Vegetable Height: 18” to 24”

Vegetable Spacing: 3” to 6”

Vegetable Planting: Direct sow outside after danger of last frost. Plant about 4” apart and 1“ below soil surface. Rows should be spaced at 24”-30” apart.

Vegetable Seed Saving: Allow bean pods to dry on plant; then break them open to collect the large bean seeds. Clean and dry the seeds before storage in cool dry conditions.

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