} Chinese Anemone,Japanese Thimbleweed,Anemone hupehensi, perennial bord

Chinese Anemone,Japanese Thimbleweed,Anemone hupehensi, perennial border

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Chinese Anemone, Japanese Thimbleweed,Excellent for the front of the perennial border and does well in rock gardens
These plants thrive best in shady areas and ,under protection of larger plants, and in all but the hottest and the driest conditions in the United States.
This late summer blooming Japanese anemone is a native of China that grows up to 2' tall and features 2-3" diameter, slightly-cupped flowers which have 5 (infrequently 6-7) rose-pink, sepal-like petals and a prominent center ring of yellow stamens. Flowers are borne on branching stems above trifoliate, dark green foliage. Very similar in appearance to the Anemone x hybrida cultivars.
Japanese anemones are best grown in a position where there is space for them to spread. They can be invasive but this is weighed against their attractiveness and usefulness in the garden. 'Hadspen Abundance' is a medium-sized plant with dark green lobed foliage on strong, straight stems which support pink cupped flowers with a rich yellow centre, appearing in autumn when most other plants have ceased blooming.
Sowing and/or growing instructions
In autumn, fill small pots or modules with seed compost, compacting down well. Water the compost until it is well saturated, allowing surplus water to drain off. Firmly press a couple of seeds into the compost in each container, covering with 1mm compost. Place sown containers in sealed plastic bags and maintain temperature of 60-65F/15-18C for two weeks, misting if compost dries out. Move pots to cooler temperature, 35-40F/1.5-4.5C for six weeks, then exclude light and keep at 60-65F/15-18C. Germination should occur in 1-3 months. Very carefully transplant seedlings to individual pots, avoiding any root disturbance. Grow on under glass, then acclimatise to outdoor conditions and plant out in final positions.
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Botanical Name:
Anemone hupehensis
Common Name:
Chinese Anemone, Japanese Thimbleweed
Height:2 feet
Minimum Hardiness Zone: Tree Seed 5

Materials: Fall Planting,Pasque Flower,great in rock gardens,perennial garden,combines well with spring bulbs,ground covers