} Choy Sum Seeds, Purple Stem-i - Asian vegetable

Choy Sum Seeds, Purple Stem-i - Asian vegetable

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Approximately 11,000 Seeds Per oz
This flowering purple stem choy sum, also known as kosaitai or hon tsai tai, is a popular Chinese specialty vegetable. The leaf stalks and veins are purple while the leaves are dark green and the flowers are yellow. Low temperatures intensify the colors. Best grown as a fall/winter crop.
(kosaitai, hon tsai tsai)
Annual. If sown in the spring, the plant will resprout and come again for several more cuttings and harvests, a very worthy feature. This is an easy to grow source of fat, tender leaf stalks that may be gently steamed to produce the mouthwatering dish. Annual. This is an easy to grow source of fat, tender stems crowned by dark green leaves, used in salads or for cooking. Makes an awesome stir-fry. Excellent when steamed, heaped on a plate, and drizzled with olive oil, garlic, lemon and herbs. Oh my goodness, is it yummy. Consumption of dark green leafy vegetables is the key to keeping healthy. If you make a large mixed salad daily, and use raw garlic in the dressing, I personally guarantee that you will get sick less often, and have a lesser likelihood of getting cancer. Trust me, I'm a body advocate, and I'm pretty sure you have one of those (a body, that is,not an advocate, well maybe an advocate) if you are reading this. Anyhow, this particular plant is very giving, as one can harvest the young plants and eat them, which serves the dual function of thinning the plants and running your body. We grew these, and the steamed seedlings came out an almost indescribable color of dark purple/green. This is a super fast growing plant and regenerating plant! New stems and leafy crowns will come again after the first cut, and again after the second cut, unless extreme weather intervenes. Sow late summer to fall. Easy. 100 Seeds/pkt., Open Pollinated
GROWING: Prefers cool temperatures. Prepare fertile, well-drained soil. Sow seeds in late summer/early fall. Keep soil moist. Fertilize as needed. Harvest main stalk when it reaches 10-14" tall and just before flowering occurs. After this cut, the plant branches freely for an extended harvest.

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