} Red Hot Cattails ( chenille plant) Starter Plant, TROPICAL PERENNIAL

Red Hot Cattails ( chenille plant) Starter Plant, TROPICAL PERENNIAL

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Evergreen perennial, annual in containers, houseplant

The foliage of the chenille plant is unremarkable, however, its fuzzy red flowers take center stage. 

Acalypha (Chenille Firetail) is native to Hawaii and other South Pacific areas. It has become very popular in recent years due to its fuzzy red catkin-style blooms, thus the common name chenille plant. A well-grown hanging basket can have dozens of these fire tails (another common name). It's an excellent choice for combination planters when mixed with other warm-weather, bright-light annuals like Coleus, Calibrachoa, and Bacopa.

Native to tropical zones, chenille plant is commonly grown in containers and brought indoors for the winter in northern climates. It also makes a good year-round houseplant and can be grown as a perennial in USDA cold hardiness zones 10 and 11,  

Common Name Chenille flower, monkey tail, red-hot cattail
Botanical Name Acalypha hispida
Family Euphorbiaceae
Plant Type Evergreen perennial, annual in containers, houseplant
Mature Size In tropical climates up to 15 feet tall and 8 feet wide; much smaller when grown in containers and indoors
Sun Exposure Full to partial sun
Soil Type Sand, clay, loam
Soil p Slightly acidic (6.0) to neutral (7.5)
Bloom Time Any time of year when temperature is warm enough
Flower Color Red
Hardiness Zones 10-11
Native Area The Philippines and New Guinea

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Cat P
Healthy & Thriving & Cute!

Love these bottlebrush/chenille plants! I love this supplier’s plants even more because the root balls are small enough to plant without too much trouble working around tree roots. Arrived healthy and carefully packed.