} Hibiscus Rose of Sharon, 'Blushing Bride" Hardy Perennial SHRUB

Hibiscus Rose of Sharon, 'Blushing Bride" Hardy Perennial SHRUB

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Add ‘Blushing Bride’ to your landscape and enjoy these gorgeous double blossoms when most shrubs are finished flowering for the season.  This deciduous shrub is tolerant of heat, drought, and poor soils. 

The pink blush blossoms are a beautiful contrast to the toothy deep foliage.  The upright branched habit of this shrub is perfect for a hedge, screen, shrub border, or garden accent.  It may also be trained as a small tree or used in container gardens.

 'Blushing Bride" Hardy Perennial SHRUB - an attractive, low-maintenance shrub with large, showy flowers. This shrub blooms from mid-summer to fall, bringing a stunning display of color to any landscape. Plus, it's rated for zones 5-9, making it a reliable, hardy addition to your garden.

Planting Instructions: Choose a location in full sun to partial shade with well-drained soil. Dig a hole large enough to encompass the roots without bending or circling. Set the plant in place so the crown (part of the plant where the root meets the stem) is about 1-2 inches below the soil surface. Cover with soil to the original soil surface and water thoroughly. During the first growing season, water deeply to establish a strong root system. Water weekly or more often in extreme heat or in containers. Once established, this plant with tolerate brief periods of drought. In the spring, apply fertilizer before new growth begins. After flowering, prune to promote new growth and shape the plant. In areas with colder climates, mulch the first winter and remove the following spring.

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Elogia Campfield

I have been trying to reach you on the phone. I planted it the next day and two days later it was dead. It hurt my heart .

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