} Bean Seeds - Pole - Yellow Bai Bu Lao, ASIAN VEGETABLE

Bean Seeds - Pole - Yellow Bai Bu Lao, ASIAN VEGETABLE

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 Warm season annual. Non-GMO. Chinese heirloom. Open pollinated. The pods are flat in light green color at early stage, become round and white later with average size 10~12" long, 0.5" wide, meaty pods. Approx 100 seeds / oz.,

Untreated, Open pollinated Garden Seeds

Vegetable Planting: Direct sow outside after danger of last frost. Plant about 4' apart and 1'below soil surface. Rows should be spaced at 20-30'apart.-

  • Phaseolus vulgaris. 55~60 days to maturity.
 Very tender, these beans have a succulent flavor that combines the best of two classics--Kentucky Wonder and Blue Lake! The enormous - to 9-inch pods are rounded, with smooth, dark green stems and light strings. A treat in texture as well as taste! Vigorous vines produce good yields and are very reliable, earning Kentucky Blue an AAS award!
Many gardeners prefer pole beans for their distinctive "beany" flavor. Because they use vertical space, they free up the horizontal rows in the vegetable garden for other varieties while bearing abundant harvests. They're easier than bush beans to harvest as well. Direct-sow after all danger of frost, and for best harvest, keep sowing at 3-week intervals until late spring. For fall crops, begin in late summer and continue until a month or so before first frost date. Support the 5- to 8-foot vines on a trellis, tower, or poles spaced 3 feet apart.

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