} Surprise lily ( 1 BULB ) lycoris squamigera

Surprise lily ( 1 BULB ) lycoris squamigera

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Lycoris squamigera, the resurrection lily or surprise lily, is a plant in the amaryllis family, Amaryllidaceae, subfamily Amaryllidoideae. It is also sometimes referred to as naked ladies. It is believed to have originated in Japan or China.

Resurrection Lily is a perennial bulb in the Amaryllis family. It is one of the hardiest of this group of lilies. The foliage produced in spring dies down before the fragrant, rose-pink, funnel-shaped flowers emerge on tall stems like magic from the ground in late summer to fall.

When planting, bury bulbs to a depth of 8-12 in. and space 6 in. apart.  Grows best in full to afternoon sun in well-drained, fertile soils. Water sparingly during the rest period and moderately when growing. Avoid transplanting as this plant dislikes being disturbed and mulch well over winter.

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