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 FLORENCE FENNEL Heirloom Organ seeds 


Fennel is often classified as both an herb and a vegetable, and can be used in many ways in the kitchen. 

It's also a popular plant among herbalists, and has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy, most 

commonly for digestive problems.

Fennel is a common ingredient in curries and the seed gives Italian sausage its primary flavor. It has been in cultivation as part of the Mediterranean diet since the 17th century. Florence fennel has numerous medicinal properties and is found in cough drops and digestive aids .

How to Grow Florence Fennel

You can direct sow fennel seeds in your garden near your last spring frost date. Seeds should be planted ten to twelve inches apart, and will germinate in eight to twelve days. You can 

also sow the seeds indoors, under lights, about four weeks before your last frost date, then harden them off and transplant them into your garden.

Fennel is quite easy to grow. Water deeply and regularly, but don't overwater or the plants will rot. Fennel does not need to be fertilized during the growing season.