} Hairy melon Seeds, (Asian vegetable) joined gourd,

Hairy melon Seeds, (Asian vegetable) joined gourd,

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Gourd » Jointed Gourd,also known also as jointed or joined gourd, hairy gourd, fuzzy gourd or hairy cucumber.

  • Warm season annual
  • Approx. 15-25 seeds in packet. (A seed will vary in weight and size within a given seed lot. The number of seeds stated is only an estimate.)
  • Maturity: Approx. 80 days
  • Planting season: Late spring/Early Summer
  • Use jointed gourd as a substitute for zucchini. To retain best flavor, do not overcook. Cut into chunks for steaming, stir frying, soups or braising. Stuff hollowed melons with meat and bake.
  • Mokwa Long fruit is best harvested at 10" to 12". It is long, and bottle shaped. Like all hairy melons or jointed gourds, a downy hair covers the skin, which is medium green with white spots. You can remove the hair by peeling or scrubbing, or let it disappear in cooking. Like other jointed gourds, Mokwa Long are best when cut and cooked lightly  steamed or stir-fried or added to soup.
    Maturity: Approx. 80 days
    Cultivation: Requires a long, warm growing season. Prepare fertile, well drained soil. Sow seeds in spring/summer after last frost in a warm, sunny location. Hill planting: Form soil into a 1-ft. diameter mound 3-4" tall. Space mounds 4-6' apart. On each mound plant 1-2 seeds. Row planting: See spacing info in chart. Keep soil moist. Fertilize as needed. Hand pollination may be necessary. Train to climb a vertical support for straighter fruit, better air circulation and ease of harvest. Harvest young tender fruits for eating.

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