} Hamburg ROOTED Parsley seeds, Heirloom vegetable

Hamburg ROOTED Parsley seeds, Heirloom vegetable

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Hamburg Rooted Parsley,Biennial.!

  Hamburg Rooted Parsley,Biennial. Aka Hamburg Parsley, Parsley, Rock Parsley, Parsnip Rooted Parsley, Turnip-rooted Parsley.

Detailed Hamburg Rooted Parsley Info: Petroselinum crispum var. tuberosum. Biennial. Also known as Hamburg Parsley, Dutch Parsley, Rock Parsley, Parsnip Rooted Parsley, Turnip-rooted Parsley. 90 days. 28,100 seeds per oz. 12-18" height. 2-4" spacing. Produces flat green leaves and white, carrot shaped roots up to 10" long.

Heirloom Vegetable
The slender 15 cm (6") parsnip-like roots have a delicate parsley taste and are great for flavouring soups and stews. This variety stores very well through the winter. A great dual purpose plant as the coarse leaves contribute a parsley flavour and can be used as a garnish. Soaking seeds in water over-night improves germination. Parsley is widely used as a pest control plant in gardens as it attracts beneficial insects.
Hamburg Rooted Parsley Germination: Most gardeners sow parsley seed indoors to give the plants a head start; soak the seeds overnight, then plant them 1/4" deep and keep them at 65-70 degrees F. Because parsley has a notorious habit of slow germination, don't expect to see sprouts for 3-5 weeks. Keep the soil evenly moist. Transplant the seedlings when the average outdoor soil temperature reaches 60 degrees F, spacing them 6" apart in full sun or partial shade.
Growing Hamburg Rooted Parsley Seeds: Parsley has shallow roots, and should not be allowed to dry out for long. Mulch to help conserve moisture and control weeds.
Harvesting Hamburg Rooted Parsley: Harvest the leaves as needed, taking the large outer leaves first and removing at least 10" of stem with the leaves to keep the plant healthy. The whole plant can be harvested at once, cutting it off just above ground level; more leaves will grow. Use the leaves immediately or freeze to preserve freshness. The white roots, similar to parsnips, can be harvested at any time and stored in the refrigerator.
Saving Hamburg Rooted Parsley Seeds: Though most varieties of parsley can survive below zero temperatures when mulched well, another method of overwintering is to dig up the entire plant, cut down the tops to 2", and keep the roots in sand; keep them in a 32-40 degrees F location until spring replanting. Watch the developing seed heads carefully, since they tend to shatter easily; pick each one as it becomes dry and mature. Additional drying time may be needed. Clean the seed by rubbing the heads through a screen or shaking them. Store the seed in a cool, dry place for up to 4 years.

Materials: Dutch Parsley,Rock Parsley,Parsnip Rooted Parsley,Biennial,Also known as Hamburg Parsley,Turnip rooted Parsley,Hamburg Rooted Parsley