} HYACINTHOIDES HISPANICA (25 Pink BULBS)A.K.A Wood Hyacinth or Spanish

HYACINTHOIDES HISPANICA (25 Pink BULBS)A.K.A Wood Hyacinth or Spanish Bluebells

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Hyacinthoides hispanica 'Mixture'
Hyacinthoides Hispanica bulbs, also known as Scilla Campanulata, feature bell-shaped flowers that hang from their stem, with a few flowers per stem. Hyacinthoides Hispanica bulbs are popular for naturalizing under trees. Hyacinthoides Hispanica bulbs are about 10 inches tall. Hyacinthoides Hispanica bulbs will perennialize if the foliage is allowed to die down and are deer resistant. Hyacinthoides Hispanica bulbs will flower very early in the season. 

Height: 10 Inches

Flower Color: Multi-Color

Spread: 2-3 Inches

Hardiness Zone: 4-10

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More About Hyacinthoides
Hyacinthoides Hispanica bulbs are popular for naturalizing under trees
We supply top sized Hyacinthoides Hispanica bulbs (8/10)
Hyacinthoides Hispanica bulbs perform best in full sun but will tolerate some shade
Hyacinthoides Hispanica bulbs dislike wetness (wet feet) and require well-drained soil
Fertilize Hyacinthoides Hispanica bulbs when the foliage pushes through the soil in spring. We recommend a general low-nitrogen fertilizer, like Holland Bulb Booster.
When planting Hyacinthoides Hispanica bulbs, you should always place the pointed end up
Hyacinthoides Hispanica bulbs should be planted at a depth of double the height of the bulb
Hyacinthoides hispanica 'Mixture' Characteristics

Cut Flower
Great Foliage
Focal Point
Dried Flower
Foliage Color

Soil Moisture Preference


Partial Shade
Hyacinthoides Growing and Maintenance Tips
Planting Depth: 4" (10cm) Spacing: 4-5" (10- 12.5cm) Bloom Duration: 2-3 weeks
Hyacinthoides & Scilla are The Art & Soul of Spring.

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USDA Hardiness Zone -First Frost Date- Last Frost Date

Zone 1 -July 15th -June 15th
Zone 2 -August 15th- May 15th
Zone 3 -September 15th May 15th
Zone 4 -September 15th May 15th
Zone 5 -October 15th April 15th
Zone 6 -October 15th April 15th
Zone 7 -October 15th April 15th
Zone 8 -November 15th March 15th
Zone 9 -December 15th February 15th
Zone 10 -December 15th January 31st (sometimes earlier)
Zone 11 -No frost. No frost.
You can look up your climate zone here: http://planthardiness.ars.usda.gov/PHZMWeb/