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Ashwagandha Seeds a.K.a. Indian Ginseng, Winter cherry,Testosterone Booster - Withania Somnifera
Ashwagandha is regarded as one of the great rejuvenative herbs of India. According to Ayurveda, the traditional healing system of India, the root of this low-growing shrub is said to be effective for a host of debilitated conditions, including general weakness, impotence, infertility, and others. Ashwaganda is sometimes described as "Indian Ginseng" for the significance of this botanical in Indian pharmacopoeia.
Also known as Indian ginseng or Indian winter cherry, ashwagandha is used in Indian traditional systems of medicine, namely Ayurveda and Unani. It is a stout shrub that reaches a height of
about 170 cm (5 to 6 ft). The erect branched shrub is berry-like in shape and size and bears greenish or lurid yellow flowers and red fruits. The plant is grown in various parts of India like Madhya
Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is also cultivated in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.


Native to India, Ashwagandha bushes will grow to heights of 3 feet or more and produce light green flowers from midsummer onwards which will develop into orange or deep red berries by fall.

Ashwagandha prefers full sun and fairly dry conditions, and has low to moderate water needs.

Ashwagandha can be direct sown outdoors following the last frost, approximately 3/8" below the surface of the soil and kept evenly moist. Otherwise, you can sow indoors in early spring to give

your starts additional time to develop before going outside. Sow seeds slightly closer to the surface (~1/4") if using flats or other small containers indoors.

Keep soil moist as seeds begin to germinate. Transplant into larger containers and gradually expose to outdoor conditions. Transplant in late spring to a sunny location once plants are stable have reached a height of around 4" or more.

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