} Jamaican Yellow Yam ,CARIBBEAN FRESH produce

Jamaican Yellow Yam ,CARIBBEAN FRESH produce

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YELLOW YAM, Guinea yam, Yellow Guinea yam.
Botanical name
Dioscorea cayenensis Lam. (Enantiophyllum).

Yellow yam, also known as Jamaican yam or Guinea yam, is a tropical root vegetable that originated in Africa and spread to the Caribbean by way of slaves.

It is a part of “ground provisions”, which is usually a pot of various boiled root vegetables and flour dumplings that is traditionally eaten with Jamaican meals.

Decay can occur if roots sustain cuts or other physical damage.

Water-soaked or soft spots and increased decay are signs of chill injury. Store properly.

Usage Ideas:


  • Boil  until tender; peel and chop; add to meat braises, stewed beans, and vegetable soups.
  • Serve baked chips with hummus, spinach and cheese dip, and salsa.

Customer Reviews

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Eugene H Abello
Yams to grow

The Jamaican yam was very damaged, small and dry/rotting. Planted it anyway. Keeping fingers crossed 🤞

Peter Taylor
Yellow yam

Appreciate the information. Thank you.