} Kalanchoe thyrsiflora Seeds -Succulents,Succulent S

Kalanchoe thyrsiflora Seeds -Succulents,Succulent S

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Aloe arborescens

Kalanchoe tetraphylla is a species of Kalanchoe native to South Africa.

A succulent plant producing a stalk about 1m tall, dying back after flowering.
Kalanchoe - which belong to the broader Crassulaceae family of plants - are among my favourite succulent plants and offer a huge diversity of shapes and sizes and are low-maintenance, drought-resistant specimens. Kalanchoe thyrsiflora (ht 60cm), sometimes known as flapjacks, has rounded leaves, frosted with a powdery white coating and strikingly edged with red, especially if it is grown in full sun. It comes from South Africa. Kalanchoe can be grown in sun or bright shade - the latter position is recommended as the ideal one for them by some experts. If the stems grow too tall, cut them back and the plant will regrow.
For best results, use a cactus soil mix. Buy one or make your own.
Moisten the soil thoroughly.
Sprinkle 6 to 10 seeds on the soil surface. Sprinkle a fine layer of soil or sand on top. Expose growing area to strong indirect light. Real sunlight is most beneficial for seeds, but you can use fluorescent or grow bulbs to sprout them as well.
Seal growing area with glass or plastic, leaving plenty of room over the seeds for ventilation. If possible, maintain a soil temperature of 70-85ºF. Bottom heat is very effective. Good moisture, good drainage, very bright light, heat and aeration are important factors for high germination rates.
Germination will take anywhere between a week to 4 months. Do not give up on your seeds unless you notice fungus. Keeping your soil consistently moist will ensure eventual success.
When seedlings sprout, spray them with a light mist. Don’t let them dry out. Continue protecting them from direct sun light.
For the first few weeks of growth, moisten the soil every 3-4 days. Once the plants are established, water every 3-4 weeks.
Also check out this helpful video, specifically for sowing smaller seeds.

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