} Lilium formosanum var. pricei (50 Seeds) 'Dwarf Formosa Lily, Perennia

Lilium formosanum var. pricei (50 Seeds) 'Dwarf Formosa Lily, Perennial !

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LILIUM formosanum var. pricei


Dwarf  Formosa Lily, Lilium formosanum var pricei, is such a surprising lily with its full-size, fragrant, trumpet-shaped, white flowers to 8″ that have purple markings on the outside. The flowers are just above a diminuative 

clump of narrow, dark green leaves.  It grows 12 – 24″ tall in contrast to the species that tops out over 3 ft.  Unlike the species which is a late season bloomer, the dwarf Formosa lily blooms in spring.  Grow in sun to part 

shade in fertile, well-drained, moist soil. Hardy to -20 degrees F. The species is native to Taiwan.  Liliaceae

Rapidly germinating, keep seed in constant moisture (not wet) with temperatures of about +20°C [68°F]. Seeds must be covered thinly. Do not cover very small seeds, but tightly press into the earth. Keep in cooler conditions after germination occurs.

Plant Description

Life Cycle: Perennial
Family: Liliaceae
Special Features: Large trumpet shaped blossoms, good hardy form, often flowering the first year from seed.
Basic Colour: (red / scarlet / purple)
Flower Colour: white, reddish-purple exterior
Natural Flowering Period: August - September
Winter Hardiness Zones: Z5 - Z9
Height with Flowers: 30 cm
Usage: for the rock garden / suitable for cutting