} Melons Seeds , VINE PEACH,

Melons Seeds , VINE PEACH,

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Mango Melon - Organic (Cucumis melo)a.k.a. Mango Melon, Certified Organic.a.k.a. Vine Peach.  Well maintained strain, heavy yields of 3-4” yellow skinned and white fleshed fruits.  Popular in Victorian times for making sweet pickles and pies.  Highly recommended for making peach-like cantaloupe preserves.  Originally developed in China and first grown in America in the 1880’s.  80 days.

Extra Information
  • Average Seeds Per Ounce: 1,645
Certified Organic by MOSA

Plant after danger of frost in hills 4 to 6 feet apart. Plant seed not over 1/2 inch deep 4 to 6 to the hill, pressing soil firmly over them. When plants are well established thin to 3 to each hill. Seeds can also be started indoors for an earlier harvest. These items are useful when starting seeds indoors for transplanting.

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