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 A delightful ornamental and edible popcorn. 

MINIATURE COLORED POPCORN SEED A delightful ornamental and edible popcorn. Features multicolored kernels, with ears ranging from mixed yellow to purple, red and orange. Wonderful for decoration and the kernels can be popped too! Plants grow to 6 feet. Ears grow to 3-4".  There are a wide range of colors in the ears produced. The small shiny kernals come in colors of red, yellow, black, gray, brown, purple, pink, blue, white and orange. Some mini-ears are solid colors but most are combinations of many colors and calicos- like full sized Indian Corn. A small percentage have purple, red, or brown husks and cobs. It has a maturity of 95-105 days. Plant like the miniature blue popcorn seed. CULTURE:Grow like sweet corn, planting early to ensure maturity of kernels for a good, dry ripeness.
HARVEST:Normally dry corn is left out for several frosts, but the ears may be picked after the husks begin drying. Bring husked ears under cover to complete drying. Popcorn should be harvested when kernels are fully mature (hard and glossy) or they won't pop well. After husking, spread out the ears in a dry, airy place and allow to "cure" for several weeks. The ideal moisture content for popcorn is 13-14.5%. Periodic test-popping will tell you when the kernels are dry enough to store, either on the cob or shelled.
DAYS TO MATURITY:Maturity was recorded here at our farm. (Lat. 44.5°N). Corn will generally mature earlier farther south, later farther north, all environmental conditions being equal.

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