} Narcissus Avalanche Bulbs (paperwhites) GREAT INDOOR

Narcissus Avalanche Bulbs (paperwhites) GREAT INDOOR

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 Daffodil Avalanche Buld, easy to grow. White petals surmounted by a creamy yellow cup.

Avalanche is a beautiful daffodil with snowy white petals and buttery yellow cups. This daffodil produces up to ten small fragrant flowers per stem. The fragrance and the tall stems make this a great cut flower.

A very old (100+ years) daffodil that is still valued for its strong scent and sheer abundance of bloom: Each stem from an established bulb bears 8, 10, sometimes 15 flowers. Thrives in the South and on the West Coast, but can't take northern winters.
In the South, this variety is often called seventeen sisters, in reference to the profusion of flowers carried on each stem.
Deer and Rodent Proof
Daffodil Avalanche are very easy to grow. White petals surmounted by a creamy yellow cup bring all the joy of spring to the color-starved winter months. Ensure the success of this winning Narcissus by keeping night temperatures within a range of 60 ‚Äď 63 F and keeping them watered well.
After planting, you can place the bowl/pot directly sunlight. Don't give paperwhites too much heat for the first two weeks as the plant will grow too tall. Paperwhites can be planted in sandy soil (cactus soil), gravel, marble stroke or hydro beads. It is not necessary to feed plants during their growth period, but please give your paperwhites regular watering. Each pot should at least contain three bulbs, but obviously a larger number gives a better result. Paperwhites like to be packed tightly in the pot! We supply a large size bulb: 15/16 (circumference of the sphere in cm) because larger size bulbs produce the maximum number of blooms. Paperwhite Avalanche flowers usually three to four weeks after planting, depending on the temperature. 
If you want your paperwhites in bloom for Christmas, then you should plant the bulbs late November, early December. It is also possible to plant Paperwhites in the garden but remember that paperwhites are not frost hardy, so plant them outside early, in Sept - Oct.