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Sir Winston Churchill is a double variation from ”Geranium” These daffodils have fragrant, white flowers with a golden centre.

Bunch Flowering Daffodil bulbs carry multiple, extremely fragrant flowers on each stem. They are a generally Tall class of Daffodils (14-16 inches tall) and flower early in Spring.

Use Bunch Flowering Daffodils in your landscaping projects by planting them in beds and borders, or containers. They are perfect companions to medium height Triumph tulips. 

This ever-popular variety of double flowering daffodil will create attractive blooms in your spring garden. They bear clusters of two to four flowerheads per stem. Dainty white petals are interspersed with small orange-yellow ruffled petals at the centre. They are ideal for window boxes, pots or containers, being only 35cm tall. A hardy variety that will tolerate exposure and thrive is most types of soil including sand, clay and chalk. Well suited to sunny and partially shaded locations. 12-14cm bulbs supplied. Flowers from mid-April.


Height: 10-12" tall
Bulb Spacing: 16 bulbs per sq. ft.
Bloom Time: Late spring
Zones: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

1. In the Fall, choose a spot that is mostly sunny for the majority of the day or has only light shade. Also make sure that the location has fairly good drainage and does not tend to get waterlogged.

2. Planting narcissus bulbs is fairly simple. Bulbs look much like a small onion, sometimes with a spike or point on one side and sometimes wiry roots growing out of the other side. Plant with the spike pointing up.

3. Follow the rule of thumb when planting bulbs and give the bulbs at least 2 times their height of soil above them. Narcissus like a deep planting in light soil. Dig a 6-7 inch hole, drop the bulb into it and cover with soil. 

4. Regarding the spacing between bulbs, if planting in beds, leave approx 5-6 inches between each bulb. If you are planting in containers, you can cluster them a little closer together. 

5. After planting, water well so that the soil above the bulbs settles.

6. Narcissus bulbs will flower in the spring. After the flowers die back in late spring or early summer, let the plant enjoy a drier, warmer rest period. After leaves die back, stop watering so that the bulb can rest.

7. In cooler zones, you can leave narcissus bulbs in the ground over winter so that they can receive their required period of winter cooling in order to flower the following Spring

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