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Calypso Beans-Approx Seeds per 1/2 lbs: 523
Organic Non-GMO Calypso Dry Bean - HEIRLOOM

Widely-adapted, delicious bean for baking and soups! Dependable and early yields of 4–5 beans per pod on sturdy plants. Also known as Orca or Yin Yang for its distinctive black and white pattern that is retained in cooking. Mild flavor and creamy rich texture. Beans double in size when cooked. Bush habit. (Phaseolus vulgaris)

RED CALYPSO BEAN (Phaseolus vulgaris), is a beautiful deep red on crisp white heirloom that was standard for settlers in the Midwest around the 18th Century. Grows about 15" high with each pod producing 4-5 beans. Can harvest young at the green bean stage or let mature for dried beans at 90 days. Makes a truly fabulous chili with a flavor that is smoky or roasted. Holds its shape well. Bush habit, 90 days. 50 seeds.

HEALTH BENEFITS: High in fiber, beans of any kind should be a daily part of your diet as they are colon protectors and help to reduce LDL cholesterol. Packed with nutrients, beans are rich in folates, Vitamins B and A, and minerals such as iron, copper, manganese, calcium, and magnesium. Be sure to add some type of bean to your diet every day for optimum health!

GROWING TIP: All beans and peas are legumes and benefit from "inoculating" with rhizo-bacteria. These bacteria do the work of taking gaseous nitrogen from the air and "fixing" or concentrating it in pink root nodules which then slough off, adding nitrogen to the soil in a form other plants can take up as a nutrient. Inoculating your beans and peas will increase germination, and the health of your plants, helping them growing large roots and thus healthier plants. Growing pole beans with corn provides an extra shot of nitrogen to the corn, a wonderful natural symbiotic relationship that the Native Americans understood very well. You will see a big difference in overall results. Healthy legumes should also be turned under the soil when production ends as they are excellent green manure for your next crops.

Vegetable Seed Saving: Allow bean pods to dry on plant; then break them open to collect the large bean seeds. Clean and dry the seeds before storage in cool dry conditions.

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