} Prins Clause Crocus , Fall Planting Bulb

Prins Clause Crocus , Fall Planting Bulb

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Crocus chrysanthus Prins Clause -  Fall Planting Bulb, !," GREAT FOR bedding, Rock gardens,borders,and More

Detailed Description
The glistening white petals of Prins Clause are brushed with deep purple, creating a sharp contrast that catches the eye from across the yard. Add a spring breeze and the whole scene This crocus is outstanding when planted en masse or when paired with bunches of bright yellow Goldilocks. Deer resistant.
Common Name:Snow crocus Prins Clause
Botanical Name:Crocus chrysanthus Prins Clause syn. Prince Claus
Exposure:Full to three quarters day sun
Hardiness:Zones 4-8
Height: 4-6"
Color:White petals with sharply constrasting purple markings
Bloom Season:Late winter - very early spring
Bulb/Plant Size:5+ cm

First Flowers of Spring
Excellent for Naturalizing
Popular with Bees

How to Grow Crocus Bulbs:

1. In the Fall, choose a spot that is mostly sunny or has only partial shade.

2. Planting crocus bulbs is fairly simple. Bulbs look much like a small onion, with wiry roots growing out of one site and a spike on the other. Plant with the roots pointing down and the spike pointing up.

4. Follow the rule of thumb when planting bulbs and give the bulbs at least 2 times their height of soil above them. Dig a 2-3 inch hole, drop the bulb into it and cover with soil.

5. Regarding the spacing between bulbs, if planting in beds, leave approx 3 inches between each bulb. If you are planting in containers, you can cluster them a little closer together.

5. After planting, water well so that the soil above the bulbs settles.

6. Crocus bulbs will flower in the Spring. After the flowers die down, the plant can enjoy a warmer rest period. You don't have to water too much during this rest period. Leaves will also die back and at this point, you can choose to tidy up the plant and remove the old leaves or just let nature take its own course.

Materials: White,The Garden,Container,Spring,Early,Fall Planting,or plant in the garden,Heirloom Bulb,Atropurpureum,Red And white,Tulipa,Crocus Remembrance

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