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Organic Onion Seeds, Red Apache 

  • (Bunching) Onion, Heirloom ! 
  • No garden is complete without this green onion!
  • Plant in Spring, late Summer or Fall.
  • Asian Favorate

This hardy year-round vegetable is a perfect complement to Asian soups, stir-fries and salads. In Japan, the onion is often pickled. In China, you'll find them in rice and noodle dishes, or soups and stir-fries. Single-stemmed onions are planted as annuals and can grow thick and straight similar to a leek. Multi-stemmed bunching onions are more like the scallion, albeit with a stronger flavor. Bunching onions can be harvested at a number of stages, depending on whether you're after the tender, early green shoots, or the mature, white flesh of the lower stem.  Heat and cold tolerant and also can be planted in spring, late summer or fall.  THEY DO GREAT IN CONTAINERS.

This Asian vegetable is also called...

China:  tsung fa, feng cong, quing cong, tai tsung, xiao cong, chin choong, choong, cong, da cong, hanh la

India:  hari piyaz

Indonesia:  dawn bawang

Japan:  me negi, nebuka, negi

Malaysia:  dawn bawang

Philippines:  sibuyas na mura

Sri Lanka:  runu kola

Thailand:  hark korm, hom ton

Vietnam:  hanh la

Product Details 

Zones: 3-9 
Planting Depth: 1" inch
Spacing: Plant 5-6" inches apart , 12-24" inches between rows
Sun/Shade: Full Sun 
Germination: 8-12 days 
Days to Maturity: 65 days
Shape: Non-bulbing, long stem
Plant Height: 16-24" inches
Comments: Hardy and cold resistant.