} soybean for sprouting, Asian Vegetables

soybean for sprouting, Asian Vegetables

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Smaller than usual soybeans,make kongnamul ,

beans for sprouting will grow into delicious¬†kongnamul¬†if handled correctly. Be sure you buy the right beans ‚Äď they are smaller than usual soybeans, which don‚Äôt sprout very well..

Soybean sprouts (kongnamul) are  one of the most commonly used ingredients in Korean cuisine. I think almost every Korean family makes cooked and seasoned at least once a week soybean sprout kong namulmuchim & soybean sprout soup (kongnamulguk. It’s that popular.

You can sprout your own kongnamul at home, and they are tastier and nuttier than the ones you buy in the store.

1 cup of dried soybeans will make 1¬Ĺ¬†pounds of sprouts. When the beans are sprouted, more vitamins and minerals are created, making them even more healthy than the original beans. And homegrown¬†kongnamul¬†have wonderful, long roots, unlike¬†kongnamul¬†sold in grocery stores.

You can use the whole sprouts in your cooking or snip the roots off with fingers. But don’t throw them away: you can make another beautiful side dish with them. Some Koreans think that the roots have more vitamins and minerals than the stems. Soybeans used for sprouting (called kongnamul kong in Korean) are smaller than usual soybeans, so be sure to choose the right one! Regular soybeans won’t sprout easily; they’re used to make things like doenjang 

soybean sprouts

  1. Rinse the soybeans in cold water and soak for 24 hours.soybeans for sproutingsoybeans for sprouting
  2. Pick out dead beans or broken beans and put  the cleaned soybeans into a planter that has small holes in the bottom.soybeans sprout
  3. Pour water over the planter, little by little, till the beans are wet evenly. The water will drop out the holes in the bottom but the beans will be wet.
  4. Cover the planter with a black cloth to keep the light out. If too much light gets in, the beans will turn green instead of a nice yellow color.kongnamul
  5. Repeat watering every 3 or 4 hours for 4 to 6 days until the beans grow about 4 inches.soy bean sprouts
  6. Rinse the sprouts a couple of times and drain. Drain and store them in the refrigerator.


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