} Spanish Tolosana Bean Seeds a.K.a , Prince bean, Phaseolus vulgaris-,

Spanish Tolosana Bean Seeds a.K.a , Prince bean, Phaseolus vulgaris-, Heirloom Red Bush Bean!

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Spanish Tolosana bean , Prince bean
cinnamon and purple mottled Spanish Tolosana beans, aka Prince beans
Beautiful, red and light brown in color, similar in flavor to the White Aztec.
Spanish Tolosana Bean Seeds. This beautiful heirloom bean is native to the New World but was brought back to Spain by Spanish missoinaries and propogated there ever since. Also called "The Prince" this variety is very popular in Europe but has become quite rare here in the United States. Heirloom Spanish Tolosana Bean has a growth habit similar to other kidney beans growing on tall bush type plants. This dry shell bean variety produces beans that are over 1/4" wide and over 1/2 inch long. Beautiful as well as tasty, the Spanish Tolosana Bean is tan with deep brick red markings. The flavor is mild and the texture is creamy but still holds up well when cooked. Use this bean in your recipes that normally call for kidney beans. Pods are ready to pick when they are mature and dried down. 85 days until full maturity.

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