} Vietnamese Perilla ,Shiso /Perilla Herb Seeds - Asian Vegetable

Vietnamese Perilla ,Shiso /Perilla Herb Seeds - Asian Vegetable

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Vietnamese Name: Tiá Tô
Common Culinary Name: Vietnamese Perilla, Perilla
Botanical Family & Name: Lamiaceae, Perilla Frutescens?
23,000 Seeds per oz

Asian vegetable names...

China:  gee so, zi su

Japan:  ao jiso, ao shiso, oba

Korea:  dulketip, kkaennip, kkaennip namul, tulkkae

Vietnam:  rau tia to, tia to

Vegetative Description:
Leaves are green on top, purplish color on the bottom. Broad finely haired leaves with slightly serrated edges. The beautiful contract in colors makes this plant a great display.
Native Habitat & Ecology: India & East Asia
Tasting Note: Earthy & bold flavored. Also in in the mint family.

Culinary Uses: Eaten raw alongside soups, tossed in salads, and grilled dishes.
Medicinal Uses: Chinese medicine to stimulate body’s immune system
Propagation: Easily propagated using young cuttings in water or soil. From seed produces a more tender leaf, you just have to wait longer.
Other Names: Shiso (Japanese Perilla-it is related to but slightly different from most marketed shiso.)

These leaves are purple on one side and green on the other. They have a pleasant, peppery flavor that tastes a bit like cinnamon. Vietnamese cooks often add them to soups at the last minute. Substitutes: shiso OR sweet Asian basil

What is shiso?
Shiso (紫蘇)is one of the most commonly used herbs in Japanese cooking, and the best one to grow if you have any interest in Japanese food. It’s an annual plant. The botanical name is Perilla frutescens var. crispa.
Rich in minerals and vitamins, Shiso is known to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and is thought to help preserve and sterilize other foods making it a perfect companion to sushi. The small flower spikes are tasty and can be used to accompany soups or salads.

Sowing Instructions:
Preferred seeding method: direct sow after last frost in well-drained soil. Days to germination: 7-21 days. Sow 1-2 seeds per inch and thin to 6″-12″ apart. Tamp seeds gently into place but do not cover as the seed needs light to germinate. Keep moist until germination. 80-85 days to harvest.
To keep the plants healthy and nicely shaped, pinch off stem tips frequently. Shiso needs at least five hours of direct sun. They often re-seed themselves.
To harvest: Leaves can be picked all during the growing season. The smaller leaves will be the most tender. Seeds can be saved for planting the next year. Simply shake the seeds from the seed head into a paper bag in late summer or early fall. Store in airtight container in a cool, dry place.
To dry: Dry leaves as you would any other herb – gather in bunches and dry on a rack where there is plenty of air circulation or dry stems on racks in the microwave. Store dried leaves in airtight containers