} White Russian Kale Seeds -annual Vegetables microgreen.

White Russian Kale Seeds -annual Vegetables microgreen.

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Scarlet Kale

4-6 days. This variety of red kale microgreens are super vibrant along with being full of flavor. Full brassica kale vegetable flavor in just a time kale microgreen. Approx. 8,000 seeds / oz.

Organic Non-GMO White Russian Kale -OPEN-POLLINATEDJudged most cold-hardy kale in trials at Garden City Seeds (Montana) circa 1995, and voted the best tasting among farm crews there, at High Mowing Seeds in Vermont, and at GTF. Tolerates water saturated soil better than any other kale we grow, lone survivors in two flood years and the annual low spots. Leaves are dissected like Red Russian, but with whitish stems and veining. Vigorous! Farm Original Variety!7,500 seeds per oz.

Sweet, tender leaves with excellent frost tolerance. Voted the best-tasting in our taste tests, with blue green leaves and white ribs that get sweeter in cold weather. Tolerates wet soils and just as hardy as the toughest Russian. Bred by Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seeds and released through the Open Source Seed Initiative. Open Source Seed · Tolerates wet soil · Very cold-

Plant early. This is an easy to grow plant. Full sun exposure is ideal. It’s about 50 days to maturity. This plant will survive frost burn. Plant early spring and late fall.

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