} Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelon Seeds -Certified Organic , Non-GMO He

Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelon Seeds -Certified Organic , Non-GMO Heirloom

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Mountain Sweet Yellow
(Citrullus lanatus)
This is the yellow fleshed selection made from Mountain Sweet. Mountain Sweet was popular throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York in the 1800’s. Produces large amounts of marketable fruits year-after-year. Oblong striped fruits weight 20-35 pounds and have deep yellow, firm sweet flesh. Widely adapted strain. 90 days.

Extra Information
Average Seeds Per Ounce: 310
Certified Organic by MOSA

Materials: non gmo,Orange,Fruit Ripens,outdoor,garden,planting,hubby,red,Sweeter,than sseedless

Planting Method:

Direct sow after all danger of frost past and soil is warm. Or start indoors and transplant after 3-4 weeks.

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