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About Us

We Carry A Large Variety Of Asian And Caribbean Products

Caribbean Garden is a small garden which produces vegetables, flowers, herbs and fruits from the Caribbean and around the world. After over 25 years of gardening, I was inspired to start Caribbean Garden as I thought it would be incredibly neat to grow plants in my home garden, extract the seeds to share with strangers from across the globe. These seeds are then sold at a small price so that my customers can enjoy the same passion as my family and I. This is something that I learned from my father while growing up in Jamaica.
We live in a world where we have become aware of the benefits of eating fresh produce. With this in mind, we strongly believe that everyone is capable of growing their own delicious, organic produce while getting the nutrition they need and enjoy tastier food. Many studies have shown that organically grown food have more minerals and nutrients that we need than food that has been grown with synthetic pesticides. There’s a good reason why many chefs use organic foods in their recipes; they taste better. Organic farming starts with the nourishment of the soil, which in turn leads to nourishment of the plant and ultimately our bodies.
Most of the seeds we sell have been grown in our small family garden. Our seeds are only harvested from the best plants and are hand harvested, counted and packaged in resalable plastic envelopes.
I always add a few extra seeds in each packet in case I count wrong!

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