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When we think of mint, our minds immediately picture a vibrant, green sprig atop a scoop of raspberry sorbet; the bright component in a classic, creamy yogurt sauce; or, of course, mint jelly paired with braised lamb

Mint is a hardy perennial that is one of the first to arrive each spring. It also grows year-round in warmer climates; no dormancy period is needed. Mint thrives in both cool and warm climates, and it also retains its potency of flavor over the years.

Mint performs its best in full sun, as long as the soil is kept moist, but it also thrives in partial shade. Mint is considered an invasive plant, because it sends out “runners” and spreads vigorously. Don’t let that fact deter you from enjoying fresh mint in your garden. Opt to grow mint in containers or, if you want to plant mint in the ground, submerge it in a large container and leave about two inches of the rim exposed above the soil to prevent spreading.

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