Plant type:Ā Perennial
Zones:Ā 3-9
Exposure:Ā Partial or dappled shade
Habit:Ā Mounding spreading habit
Height/Spread:Ā 2 inches to 4 feet tall, 5 inches to 6 feet wide

One of the most popular perennials for shade gardens, the bold leaves of hosta come in an array of colors, patterns and shapes. Plant size ranges from tiny thumbnail specimens to varieties as big as truck tires. Hostas are exceptionally hardy and reliable, combining well with other woodland plants such as ferns, coral bells, and bleeding heart. Grow in containers, woodland borders, or mass plantings.

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Caribbean Garden Seeds
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Hosta Seeds- -American Crosses Mix


American Crosses Mix Hosta Seeds-Perennial !Grow your own Hostas from seed and discover how exciting and rewarding these gorgeous foliage plants ca...

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