} The Secret Gardening Tips That Can Make a Huge Difference
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The Secret Gardening Tips That Can Make a Huge Difference

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With a quick search online, you can find an abundance of gardening tips that are absolute no-brainers. However, you’re still left wondering what the secrets are to honing your new green thumb. Growing non-GMO, organic rare seeds is our heirloom here at Caribbean Garden Seeds. So, we’ve gathered the top secret gardening tips that can actually make a huge difference!


  1. Keep your pot water

It’s no surprise that plants need a sufficient amount of water to grow, but what may shock you is that reusing water can actually give your organic rare seeds a valuable boost. This will also keep your water bill down, which is an excellent bonus. So, keep the water you use to boil eggs, pasta, potatoes, vegetables etc. and once cool, pour it on your plants. It contains an extra dose of nutrients that get released throughout the cooking process. Just be sure to skip over this gardening tip if you’ve added salt or any oil to the water, as this can damage the soil and attract pests.  


  1. Send the ants marching away

Speaking of pests, they’re kind of inevitable when it comes to gardening outdoors as opposed to having a container garden. So, you’ll definitely want to gather as many gardening tips as possible about keeping them away to ensure that your organic rare seeds flourish. Ants can easily be kept away with most spices. A sprinkle of curry powder and cayenne pepper around your flowerbeds will work wonders. You can also plant a lavender bush, which will send the ants marching!


  1. Shew away slugs

Slugs can also be a bit of a pest when it comes to gardening outdoors. Since you’re reaping the benefits of purchasing non-GMO, organic rare seeds from Caribbean Garden Seeds, you definitely don’t want to dose your plants with pesticides. That would just be counterproductive. Instead, sprinkle some crushed seashells or pistachio shells over the soil. Cover it as much as possible to keep the slugs away. You can also lay some cornmeal down, which will draw all the slugs in and cause them to dehydrate and die.


  1. Say goodbye to the curious cats

There’s nothing worse than a cat coming along and using your beloved garden as their very own litter box. Send the curiosity of cats elsewhere by laying out some orange peels or ground pepper around your garden. They hate the smell, and won’t come near your garden again.



  1. Bury a banana peel

Composting is packed with all kinds of benefits and nutrients for your garden. However, if you don’t have a compost bin and want to get your sweet peas growing, rose bush thriving or any other plant that needs an abundance of potassium, just plant a banana peel! It’ll give them that extra boost of nutrients.


  1. Deter growth

You may be wondering who would ever want to deter growth within their garden, but there are some plants that can spread rather rapidly, such as mint. For these, plant them in a long hallow pipe, and then bury them vertically. This forces the roots to grow a long way before spreading out.


  1. Sharpen up your tools

If your rusty, sticking shears are getting in the way of enjoying your green thumb, all you need is some car wax. Rub it on the hinge, and they’ll be like brand new. You may also want to start storing them in a bucket of sand, which helps keep all gardening tools (non-electric ones, of course) dry, clean and free from corrosion and rust.


With these 7 secret gardening tips, your organic rare seeds from Caribbean Garden Seeds will be flourishing in no time. Sign up to our newsletter and enjoy exclusive deals and even more gardening tips and tricks!


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