} Amaryllis Belladonna (BULBS) PINK FLOWERS

Amaryllis Belladonna (BULBS) PINK FLOWERS

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Amaryllis belladonna


Amaryllis belladonna, (Jersey lily, belladonna-lily, naked-lady-lily, March lily) is a plant species native to Cape Province in South Africa but widely cultivated as a very popular ornamental. It is reportedly naturalized in many places: Corsica, Portugal, the Azores, Madeira, the Canary Islands, Zaire, Ascension Island, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Chile, California, Texas, Louisiana, and the Juan Fernández Islands. Perennial bulbous geophyte with one to two erect solid stems which appear in late summer. The inflorescence bears 2–12 showy fragrant funnel-shaped flowers on a 'naked' (leafless) stem, which gives it the common name of naked-lady-lily.
  • For outdoor landscape planting, find a location where the soil drains well, and your bulbs will receive full sun. Dig holes and plant the teardrop-shaped bulbs 12" apart with pointed tips just at the soil surface. Belladonna Lilies are most attractive in the landscape when planted en masse.
  • For container planting, obtain a large container, site in full sun, and fill it with good quality, well-drained soil. Dig holes and plant the teardrop-shaped bulbs 7–8" apart with pointed tips just at the soil surface. For a striking display, plant low-growing or trailing plants like bacopa or calibrachoa around the bulbs so that the leafless flower stems will emerge and bloom above them.
  • Water thoroughly after planting to settle the soil around the bulbs.

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Amadeus was a nice sized bulb and can't wait for it to bloom. Caribbean Seed sure has large sized bulbs and they are very affordable would definitely recommend ordering from Caribbean Seed