} Arrow Leaf Ginger (bare/ROOT ) vigorous groundcover,native Perenni,

Arrow Leaf Ginger (bare/ROOT ) vigorous groundcover,native Perenni,

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We usually ship perennials to you in their dormant state, that is: bare roots, usually without leaves, packaged in damp peat moss in plastic bag.or in 3' pot of loose soil. They may have some shoots beginning to grow

Resistant, Fragrant,Winter Hardy

The Arrowleaf Ginger is a native perennial plant that also goes by the name of Asarum arifolium.

This plant can grow from anywhere up to six inches to eight inches in height. The width of a full-grown Arrowleaf Ginger is 8 inches to 15 inches wide. It has big beautiful green, glossy leaves that are shaped with an arrow-shaped point on the end of the leaf.

This plant produces a thick dark purple flower bloom. The leaves of an Arrowleaf Ginger are scented. Often time people get the arrow-head Ginger mixed up with another plant by the name of Wild Ginger. The Wild Ginger plant is also known as Asarum Canadense. The Wild Ginger Plant is shorter than the Arrow-leaf Ginger.

No need to worry about deer eating up and or destroying your Arrow-leaf Ginger as the plant is resistant to deer.

Shaded areas or even those areas with partial shade are the ideal areas when it comes to planting Arrowleaf Ginger and allowing it to grow. The best time to look for a bloom from this plant would be in the earliest parts of the summer season. It does take a grower who owns the trait of being patient as this plant can take some time to spread, bloom and grow fully. The green on this plant is a deep, rich and beautiful shade of green. The area that is best to grow this plant would be in a wooded area.

The soil that is needed to grow the Arrowleaf Ginger is moist to wet soil and soil that is loamy. Even tho this plant looks good enough to eat, it is not to be ingested at this is a poisonous plant.