} CLEMATIS SEEDS, Old Man's Beard vine

CLEMATIS SEEDS, Old Man's Beard vine

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  Traveler's Joy, Clematis vitalba,   Woodland edges, wetlands, roadside ditches and moist disturbed areas.
Maine native.

The well-known, native wild flower with faintly almond-scented, greenish-white flowers, followed by tufted balls of feathery seed heads, very conspicuous in winter. 50ft (15m)

Germination Instructions

Sow indoors at any time. Sow 13mm deep into moist well-drained seed compost. Ideal temp. 18-22°C. Germination is erratic, even under ideal conditions can take 30-270 days. If germination has not occurred after 2-4 weeks of warmth cold stratify. Move to -4°C-4°C. for 4-6 weeks then return to warmth 5-12°C. Repeat process until germination occurs. Do not discard the seed tray too soon. Cold stratification is not always required. Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle to 8cm pots. Acclimatise and plant out after danger of frost has passed.

Growing Instructions

Prefers a moisture retentive, well-drained soil. The roots of the plant need to be keep cool and shaded by other plants or a layer of pebbles. Can be grown in containers which are at least 45cm deep.

Cultivation Instructions

Regular pruning encourages strong growth. If left unpruned you may have a plant of tangled stems with all flowers appearing above eye-level. Prune in late winter or early spring. New growth will emerge from the base each year so this can be cut back hard.

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