} Country Gentleman" Corn Seed (O.P.Open pollination) Heirloom

Country Gentleman" Corn Seed (O.P.Open pollination) Heirloom

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"Country Gentleman" corn is a variety of shoe-peg corn with white, tender kernels. Like other shoe pegs, its kernels are deep and narrow. Each "Country Gentleman" corn plant may develop three – or sometimes more – ears of corn with irregularly spaced kernels, not in rows. As an heirloom, "Country Gentleman" corn is open pollinated. Compared to other heirloom corn varieties, "Country Gentleman" corn generally maintains its peak quality longer.

  • Organic
  • Sweet corn
  • Plants grow 7-8 feet tall
  • 7-8 inch ears, often 2 per stalk)
  • 88-92 days
  • ±4,000 seeds/lb

1 Till the soil to a depth of about 8 inches. Mark rows 30 inches apart. If space is limited, plant several short rows rather than one or two long rows because grouping "Country Gentleman" corn together encourages pollination.

2 Plant corn seeds an inch deep and 9 to 12 inches apart in the rows. Plant the seeds as early as the average first frost-free date, though in areas with a Mediterranean climate, corn planting season ranges from May through July. To extend the length of your corn harvest, plant half of your seed initially, reserving the rest to sow after the earlier plants have developed three to four leaves.

 3 Pull weeds as they emerge and till the soil around the plants shallowly as needed to keep weeds from competing with the corn.

 4 Apply fertilizer when the plants are 12 to 18 inches tall. Use 1/2 pound of fertilizer for each 100 feet of corn row. Apply fertilizer about 6 inches from the plant and water it so the fertilizer dissolves into the soil.

 5 Water the corn, in the absence of rain, during the time the tassels are coming out, when the plant is producing corn silk, and in the period following silking, as the ear is maturing. Supplement rainfall so the corn plants receive about an inch of water per week. Check for sufficient moisture by digging down 6 inches just after a rain or a watering. If the soil is moist, then the corn has received enough water. If not, it needs more water.

 6 Harvest your "Country Gentleman" corn 15 to 24 days after the appearance of the first strands of silk, approximately 96 days after sowing. Watch the corn closely as it reaches maturity so it doesn’t get overripe. Pick the corn ears during the milk stage, when kernels are fully formed, smooth and plump. In the milk stage, a little milky liquid comes out of a kernel when you puncture it with your thumb.

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