} Darwin Hybrid 'World's Favorite' Tulip bulbs,

Darwin Hybrid 'World's Favorite' Tulip bulbs,

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 Darwin Hybrid's are the best and most popular class for landscape use
Produce giant, egg shaped blooms (up to 6” wide) on strong stems 
The premier landscape tulip for the South
Most tulips you see in parks and public spaces are Darwin Hybrid's

  • »  Tallest class of tulip (22-24 inches Tall).
  • »  Darwin Hybrid tulips are a cross between Single Late and Emperor tulips
  • »  Can withstand even the windiest, rainiest, Spring weather
  • »  Their blooms are heat tolerant and grow well in partial shade as well as full sun
  • »  Darwin Hybrid's, Fosteriana, Greigii's, Kaufmanniana, & Specie tulips offer the best odds of perennialization
  • »  Blooms in Mid - Late Spring

Cultural Instructions
After the tulips have bloomed and when leaves fade and turn brown the bulbs can be lifted, dried, cleaned and stored in a cool place until planting time. Tulips should not be grown in the same soil for several years, so replace with fresh soil every other year.
Type: Fall Planting Bulbs - Plant in Full Sun or Partial Shade
Zone: 3-7a - Pre-cool Zone: 7b-10
Bloom Time: Mid Spring
Average Height: 14-20

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