} Deer resistant Wild Flower Seed Mix

Deer resistant Wild Flower Seed Mix

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Deer Resistant Wildflower Seed - This wildflower seed mix contains flowers that deer typically do not find palatable; therefore, they leave the flowers alone and do not want to eat them. If you live in a deer heavy area, this wildflower seed mix is the one you want. This deer resistant wild flower seed mixture includes the approximate percentages:17% Baby's Breath, Annual
13% Lupine, Perennial
13% Lupine, Arroyo
9% Poppy, California
9% Blanketflower, Perennial
9% Zinnia 'Pumila Mix'
4% Lupine, Yellow
4% Poppy, Corn
3% Sage, Scarlet
2% Coreopsis, Plains
2% Alyssum, Tall White Sweet
1% Daisy, Gloriosa
0.25% Yarrow, White
0.25% Foxglove
Deer do not find these wildflowers palatable and leave it alone so you can enjoy a beautiful wildflower meadow. Grows 24-48 inches tall.
Seeding rate: 10 - 20 pounds per acre or 1 1/4 - 2 1/2 pounds per 5,000 square feet.
Question: Why such a broad range on the seeding rate?
Answer: Wild flower seed planting applications vary tremendously from the back yard flower bed to the 5 acre meadow. Various seeding rates are needed depending on the type of application you are considering. For your specific application use this for your guideline:
For a meadow look with scattered wildflowers using the lower end of the seeding rate
For an average display with good coverage use the middle range of the seeding rate
For a lush stand with almost solid wildflowers choose the upper end of the seeding rate