} European Speedwell seeds,Veronica Beccabunga,Perennial groundcover

European Speedwell seeds,Veronica Beccabunga,Perennial groundcover

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 Veronica Beccabunga, or more commonly know as European Speedwell, is a forb/herb (a forb/herb is a non-woody plant that is not a grass) of the genus Veronica. Its duration is perennial which means it will grow year after year. Veronica Beccabunga or European Speedwell's floral region is North America US Lower 48, specifically in the states of California, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.Germination Instructions

Plant Description
Life Cycle: Perennial
Family: Scrophulariaceae
Origin: Europe, Asia, Africa: watersides and ponds.

Basic Colour: (blue)
Flower Colour: heavenly blue
Natural Flowering Period: May - August

Winter Hardiness Zones: Z5 - Z8
Foliage: Entire, round, slightly serrate, vigorous geen.
Growth Habit: groundcover / stoloniferous / dense / vigorous, strong growing
Height with Flowers: 10 cm
Spacing between Plants: 30 cm
Soil Requirements: moist / humus rich, fertile

Usage: water or marshplant

Sow indoors in spring or autumn. Surface sow onto moist seed compost. Do not cover seeds, simply press into the soil. Place in a propagator or seal in a polythene bag to maintain humidity. Ideal temp. 13-16°C. Keep moist by watering from the bottom of the tray only. Germination takes 4-6 weeks approx. After germination admit air and grow on in cooler conditions. Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle to 8cm pots and grow on. Acclimatise and plant out after danger of frost has passed. Autumnsowings should be planted out the following spring.

Growing Instructions

Prefers a rich, loamy soil in full sun but will tolerate any moist soil in full or partial sun.

Cultivation Instructions

Deadhead regularly to prolong the flowering window. Top growth will be killed by frost, when this occurs cut stems back to 3-5cm above the soil line. Propagate by seed or by division of congested clumps every 3 years.

When to Sow (indoors): March, April, May, September, October, November

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