} GULF COAST Wildflower Seed Mix

GULF COAST Wildflower Seed Mix

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( 1 oz Seed) Covers approximately 225 square feet

The GULF COAST Wildflower Seed Mix is an easy-to-grow selection of flowers native to the Gulf Coast region, selected to thrive in sunny, humid climates. It includes a variety of annual and perennial species, some of which will reappear each spring. Perfect for any home or garden!

This wildflower seed mix is formulated for the Gulf Coast, Caribbean, Southern Florida and extreme Southern Texas.

The Gulf Coast areas have special environmental conditions that makes this wildflower blend especially well suited for its conditions. A mix of perennials and annuals that are adapted to moist conditions to tolerate the rainfall as well as sunny conditions to tolerate the extreme temperatures.

This wildflower seed mixture includes (percentages are rounded):

  • 10% Baby's Breath, Annual
  • 10% Four O' Clock, Mix
  • 9% Baby Blue Eyes
  • 7% Wallflower, Siberian
  • 7% Cornflower, Blue
  • 7% Flax, Scarlet
  • 5% Cosmos, Sensation Mix
  • 5% Coreopsis, Lance Leaved
  • 5% Cosmos, Sulphur Bright Lights
  • 5% Coneflower, Purple
  • 5% Indian Blanket
  • 4% Poppy, California
  • 4% Lupine, Perennial
  • 4% Mallow, Tree
  • 2% Daisy, Shasta
  • 2% Larkspur, Rocket
  • 2% Poppy, Corn
  • 1% Daisy, African
  • 1% Daisy, African Stick
  • 1% Snapdragon, Spurred
  • 1% Gayfeather
  • 1% Evening Primrose, Dwarf
  • 1% Coreopsis, Plains
  • 1% Sweet Alyssum, Tall White

Seeding rate: 10 - 20 pounds per acre or 1 1/4 - 2 1/2 pounds per 5,000 square feet
Question: Why such a broad range on the seeding rate?
Answer: Wildflower seed planting applications vary tremendously from the back yard flower bed to the 5 acre meadow. Various seeding rates are needed depending on the type of application you are considering. For your specific application use this for your guideline:

  • For a meadow look with scattered wildflowers using the lower end of the seeding rate
  • For an average display with good coverage use the middle range of the seeding rate
  • For a lush stand with almost solid wildflowers choose the upper end of the seeding rate

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