} Impatiens Flowers Seed (Impatiens Walleriana) - Baby Carmine

Impatiens Flowers Seed (Impatiens Walleriana) - Baby Carmine

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probably one of the most sought after flowers in the United States

Impatiens (Impatiens Walleriana Baby Carmine) - What would we do without Impatiens to add interest and color to the shady areas or our gardens? This carmine Impatiens, grown from flower seed, is probably one of the most sought after flowers in the United States. They are a tender perennial that is usually treated as an annual. This dwarf Impatiens plant has dark green, glossy, narrow 1 - 3 inch leaves on light green stems. The plants are 8 -10 inches tall and wide. The ease of germination and culture makes them a great plant to grow. They are perfect for either containers or directly in the landscape. When sowing dwarf Impatiens seeds, it takes about 10 weeks to have blooms.
Dwarf Impatiens flowers are early bloomers with a medium growing intensity. They are perfect in planters and hanging baskets. In full or partial shade gardens, Impatiens grow more colorfully than most any other flower. Impatiens are very carefree and need less water when they are grown in shade.
Sow Impatiens seeds indoors, 8 - 10 weeks before the end of frost season. Use starter trays and good starter soil. Sow flower seeds into the cells, press into soil but do not cover. Impatiens seeds need light to germinate. Keep the seed continuously moist. Transplant the Impatiens seedlings into containers or the garden 8 - 12 inches apart after all danger of frost. You may also sow Impatiens seeds directly into the soil after the threat of frost has passed. This will still give you nice flowers around mid summer and in to the fall.

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